Stress S.O.S Plan

No more exploding mommy!

Create a 3-phase plan that helps you stay calm in stressful situations

Have you just exploded again in front of your kid? Do you wish you had paid attention to your emotions sooner to avoid this outburst? Does it seem impossible to stay calm, when stress is just piling on?

Get the Stress S.O.S Plan now, hang it on your fridge and discover:

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What stress looks like on you

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What you can do to feel calmer

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What you need to avoid as not to make it worse

Claudia Kroon sitting at table looking straight at viewer

Claudia Kroon

I created this plan, because it was a game changer for the communication in stressful situations and I wanted to share this really helpful tool with as many moms as possible.

Your results

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1 Mindfulness exercise

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Traffic light system to visualize your stress-levels

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Easy communication about how stressed you are

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Insights into what you need

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First build block for a good self-care toolkit

Stress SOS Plan Mock-up

I want peace and quiet NOW!

Oh hey, no need to yell at me!

I get it. Motherhood is stressful. You haven’t slept through the night in who knows how long and you just can’t dealĀ  with another toddler tantrum or you might have a tantrum of your own.

Time to get the Stress S.O.S Plan!

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