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A good start

The year started great. I’ve been selecting my word of the year, just as I’ve been doing for the last couple of years. My word for 2021 was “Onward” and was a reflection of my desire to get somewhere new, to show courage and take the steps necessary to reach my goals.

This year’s word is “Keep growing”. I love it, because you can add so many things behind those to words to complete the phrase. Keep growing…

  • sustainably
  • with love
  • and nurturing


To grow plants, you actually need to do the right things at the right time: plant, water, fertilize, repot. And this is a perfect metaphor for what I hope to achieve this year. Taking the right steps at the right time, to grow in my business and as a person. And here we are with my very first blog on my very own website. (Check out the credits if you want to know how much hard work is in this website)

January slog

I don’t know about you, but January is generally not my best month. I started off highly motivated – after all, I didn’t have boring New Year’s resolutions like everyone else. No! I had a word of the year, which is much easier to stick to, right? I even made a video about my non-resolutions.

¬†However, my energy quickly faded and I went from exercising 3 times a week to hibernating bear (guess which one feels more natural to me…). You know, sometimes, this makes me feel like a fraught. How can I tell mom’s to build a self-care routine and to create a daily routine that is energizing, when so often, I seem to fail at this myself?

And then I realize: by being a role model. Their life is my life. I am sometimes an exhausted and stressed-out mom, too. Progress is not linear and I even tell this to my coachees – so why would I expect this from myself?

It’s the last week of January and I have picked up my routine again. I started with a workout this morning. I have a bullet journal with all my weekly tasks organized. I’m getting there.

Business baby birthday

Claudia Kroon at Dutch Chamber of Commerce

The last week of january is incredibly important to me and my business. You could say that it’s the birthday of my business baby.

On january 31, 2020 I said to my coach at point: “I think I need to become self-employed. I need to help other moms.” When the words left my mouth, it felt very strange, because being self-employed was never anything I had considered. But you know what? I couldn’t help it, I had a very strong desire to make the world a better place for mothers who have a hard time enjoying motherhood. Because we don’t talk about it often enough and if I didn’t do something about it then who would?


On january 25, 2021, a year after I spoke those fateful words, I registered my business at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce. My business baby is a year old now and just like with human babies, I can see development, I’m reaching milestones and yes, it’s keeping me busy.

Some days I’m still terrified, but I am also damn PROUD. I started something that I believe in. I help mothers who are insecure about motherhood to define their own rules, to become more confident and ultimately to enjoy being a mom. I helped some wonderful women over the past year and they were kind enough to share part of their stories with you.

Projects, plans, and presents

Despite having been in a little slum already through half of january, my mind just can’t seem to stand still. I keep saying that I am a life-long learner and one way this shows itself is that I love to learn new skills. I’ve recently discovered mending. I really want to be able to use our clothes longer, so now I’m learning darning, sewing, basic embroidery. Who knew? And maybe I will even get a new sewing machine.

Another thing I am into is learning basic sign language. I started this in 2020, but then kind of forgot about it, so I am re-starting it this year and again I am taking part in the Dutch Sign Challenge.

You see, I have projects. Not all of them turn into plans. And they don’t have to. Sometimes, picking up a new skill is just for fun.

How is that for you? Do you have any resolutions, do you make plans? Because I have a very big plan this year – helping 250 mothers to become the confident and brilliant mothers that I know they already are – I have a present for you: if you want to make a lasting change in your mom-life-balance, I want to support you with that.

So what could that look like? Imagine you want to pick up a new hobby too this year, but you don’t know how to add that into your daily routine. Family demands on your time are already high and you don’t know where to get the energy from to find even some time for yourself. The solution is simple: Let’s talk! Sometimes a fresh set of eyes (and brains) sees an opportunity where all you see is challenges.

And because my business baby is turning 1, and I am damn proud, and happy, I have a gift: I am offering you 30 minutes of my time (for free – no strings attached) to help you discover a better mom-life-balance (or to even define what that would mean for you). This is a limited time offer, but you can book a “Balance- Call” with me now through this link.